Iwawa Rehabilitation Center is one of three rehabilitation centers of the National Rehabilitation Service. IRC islocated on Iwawa Island of Kivu Lake, in Boneza Sector of Rutsiro District, Western Province.


IRC was established by the Government of Rwanda in 2010 with a mandate to rehabilitate male delinquents of over 18 years old who exhibit deviant behaviours. It is established by the Presidential Order N° 99/01 of 02/06/2018.

The main mission of Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre is to rehabilitate male delinquents from across the country so that they stop drug consumption or any other deviant behaviour, equip them with vocational and hands on skills that help them integrate in the community and participate in the social- economic and political development of Rwanda.


To date, IRC has the capacity to accommodate 4,000 male delinquents per year but activities to upgrade it so that it accommodates 6,000 delinquents per year are underway.


Persons admitted at IRC are given by the State all related needs, including, accommodation, food, medical care clothing and all other basic needs required in his or her daily life.

People admitted at IRC benefit from rehabilitation services (psychosocial and medical treatment) and Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses like carpentry, masonry, tailoring, agriculture, crop production with literacy and numeracy, motorcycle driving and other crosscutting courses under the lead of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

Counselling sessions, special health care and vocational skills provided to people admitted at IRC enable them to leave the centre with positive values, get employment and play an active role in the social economic development of our country.

Persons who complete rehabilitation programs in the Center are handed over to the District authorities of their place of origin, to take them back to their families.   However, a person transferred to the Center who shows tangible signs of change of conduct, may be handed over to the District authorities of origin before the end of the planned programs.

From 2011 to September 2019, around 21,614 people have been rehabilitated and provided with TVET skills at Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre as well as facilitated to reintegrate in the community. 

Rehabilitation services provided to delinquents admitted at IRC:

1.      Individual therapy

2.      Group therapy

3.      Psychoeducation

4.      Ergo therapy

5.      Family therapy

6.      Religious and sports activities

Health care services provided to persons admitted in IRC:

           1.      General medicine

           2.      Male circumcision

           3.      Dental & eye treatment in partnership with Rwanda Military Hospital

Educational programs provided to persons admitted in IRC:

          1.      National programs

          2.      Dangers of indulging in deviant acts

          3.      Values and Taboos of Rwandan culture

          4.      Job creation strategies

          5.      Benefits of using own strength and skills for self-development


TVET coursesprovided to persons admitted in IRC:

         1.      Carpentry

         2.      Masonry

         3.      Tailoring

         4.      Agriculture

         5.      Literacy to illiterate youth

         6.      Driving Motorcycle

For more information about the functioning of Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre, please read the Presidential Order N° 99/01 of 02/06/2018 Establishing Iwawa Rehabilitation Center  here.